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Foursquare Labs Inc. The company’s location platform is the foundation of several business and consumer products, including the Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps. Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai founded the company in late and launched it in From to the company rolled out a series of enterprise offerings, including Pinpoint by Foursquare and Placed powered by Foursquare, formerly called Attribution by Foursquare. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. In April Foursquare announced a merger with Factual Inc. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Foursquare was once believed to be the next big social app. On storefronts, business owners featured a Foursquare logo, next to Facebook and Twitter. People flocked to it to learn what their friends were up to. But no longer. That’s not Foursquare’s main game anymore.

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Having four equal sides and four right angles; square. Marked by firm, unwavering conviction or expression; forthright: a foursquare refusal to yield. Of or being a style of American residential architecture popular especially in the early 20th century, usually having two and a half stories and characterized by a square boxy shape and a four-room floor plan.

A child’s game in which each of four players stands in one of four boxes drawn on the ground in a two-by-two grid and must bounce a ball into another player’s box without holding the ball or stepping out of bounds. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? And when matins and the first mass were done, there was seen in the churchyard, against the high altar, a great stone foursquare , like unto a marble stone, and in the midst thereof was like an anvil of steel a foot on high, and therein stuck a fair sword naked by the point, and letters there were written in gold about the sword that said thus ‘Whoso pulleth out this sword of the stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England.

Now, however, he kept trying to break the ranks of the enemy wherever he could see them thickest, and in the goodliest armour; but do what he might he could not break through them, for they stood as a tower foursquare , or as some high cliff rising from the grey sea that braves the anger of the gale, and of the waves that thunder up against it. View in context. Foursquare ‘s new recommendations will give its user regular notifications when they check-in to certain locations.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Foursquare City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot — anywhere in the world. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you you’ve been and where you want to go, all in one place.

To stay up-to-date, make sure you check out the UPDATES PAGE each week to get the latest information from SM4 — including how we’re doing ministry while.

Foursquare offers training, resources and other discipleship tools to our Association members in our joint efforts to advance the kingdom of God. Joining the Foursquare Association provides the opportunity to network with ministers who sense a common value, mission and commitment. Community membership is an informal relationship based on shared values, doctrine and mission. You will have opportunity to network with other Foursquare ministers and participate in leadership training events and times of fellowship.

Credentialed membership is a formal covering, which provides ministerial licensing for ministers who serve outside of The Foursquare Church. Credentialed ministers also enjoy all the benefits offered to community ministers. The Foursquare Association includes two groups: community members and credentialed ministers. As a community member applicant, your district office will put you in contact with a local Foursquare minister to help you establish relationships and become better acquainted with Foursquare.

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Rate this App. Facebook has been working long and hard to create successful apps that stem from the social network’s existing services. That’s what they tried to do with Events from Facebook , a tool that compiled the events in your area and ones that your contacts were interested in. Yes we’re talking in the past tense here.

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It’s a little bit creepy, but it’s also a little bit genius. Singles for Foursquare builds a dating and messaging service on top of the location-sharing application. The result is a mashup that could match up hip iPhone-using, Foursquare-playing, same-bar-going early adopters. Using the Singles iPhone app , users sign in with Foursquare and create a simple bio. Then, they check in directly with the app, which uses the Foursquare API.

If there are others checked in who are also using Singles, one of them can initiate a text conversation, which hopefully would lead to an actual, talk face-to-face interaction. Just look at how well Guillermo and Katy get along in the demo video embedded below :. The concept could actually be expanded to connect users in a time-shifted manner. Rather than needing to be at the same place at the same time, Singles could recognize two of its users that frequent a particular restaurant and suggest they go at the same time.

With dating sites based on even more tangential commonalities, it seems like a reasonable service to give to Foursquare users who tend to love their local businesses. Skip to main content. Add Your Api.

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Subscriber Account active since. One of the top-rated pizza places in Brooklyn on Foursquare is called Lucali. The first time I went there for dinner a couple of months ago, I sat down at a table, picked up the menu, and felt my iPhone vibrate.

Optionally share your foursquare Uber Checkins on Twitter and Facebook. This is the newest and most up to date auto check-in app using the latest iOS features.

Welcome to the magical world of foursquare! Source: We Are Flint. While the company does not keep track of usage by country, it is believed more than half of global Foursquare users are based in the US. The social media is way down the charts and is ranked behind sites like Giphy and Tinder. But Foursquare opened a new office in Chicago in and is looking to increase both its growth potential and revenue. Even though Foursquare ranks quite low in the rankings, the company has 50 million monthly active users as of People spend an average of 1 minute, 35 seconds a day on the site.

Foursquare data from the same year says Turkey is the biggest fan of the network, percentage-wise. Its residents are the most likely to be engaged with Foursquare among all countries worldwide. Question time: Is Foursquare still a thing? Foursquare is still a thing, although a lot has changed since its inauguration in

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Prices vary based on delivery destination it’s a tax thing , so please change it if you’re not shipping within Russian Federation as it might affect the price! The owners of Foursquare Distillery, the Seale family, can trace its roots on Barbados back to the s, and can reference five generations of rum-making expertise dating back to The establishment of the Foursquare brand, however, came much later.

If you like to explore and find new restaurants and places to eat, Foursquare is The iOS app allows you to use all the filters of the desktop site, but users can’t sort Gogobot does not keep their lists of businesses and attractions up-to-date,​.

After five years of gamifying location-based sharing, Foursquare is today making its biggest change to date. Everyone, please meet the new Foursquare , a recommendations app that has nothing to do with location sharing and everything to do with smacking down Yelp using the force of a thousand suns. Earlier this summer, Foursquare announced that it would be splitting its main app into two separate experiences: Swarm for social location sharing, and Foursquare for personalized location recommendations.

Swarm launched a while ago, and though the app has shown growth, there are still plenty of folks out there that miss the old Foursquare and, hating change, hate Swarm along with it. The new Foursquare looks and feels completely different, with a new flag-pole, superhero-themed logo, a new blue and pink color scheme, and one very familiar puzzle piece missing, the check-in. In fact, in the new foursquare, there is no location sharing at all.

The app finds your location and gives you a sliding header bar with options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, nightlife, shopping, etc. As you scroll through these recommendations, the new Foursquare feels a lot like a restaurant blog, with various featured sections based around your personalized tastes. Alongside the passive search that happens each time you open the app, users can also do their own search on Foursquare.

Results come up in a list view by default, but users can toggle a map with a button on the top right corner to see search results relative to their location. Unfortunately for Foursquare, Yelp is an ingrained behavior for a big chunk of the audience they hope to capture. Still, using the new Foursquare instead of Yelp for the past few days has felt like upgrading from a BlackBerry Bold to an iPhone 5s.

That said, most searches both passive and active brought up a lot of the same results.

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